Why Choose Screw Piles and What Are Their Benefits?

Why Choose Screw Piles and What Are Their Benefits?
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Benefits of using Screw Piles

Screw piers, known as helical piers or screw piles, stand as a versatile and efficient foundation solution suited to a wide array of soil types and construction endeavours. When contemplating significant residential and commercial construction projects, it’s crucial to explore the manifold advantages of employing screw piles. 

In this article, we will delve into the compelling reasons behind choosing screw piles and discuss the scenarios in which their application is most suitable.

The advantages and benefits associated with screw piles

Suitable for Soil Types:  Screw piers are meticulously engineered to operate seamlessly across a broad spectrum of soil types, encompassing sand, fill, clays and black soils. This inherent adaptability renders them a steadfast and dependable choice for a myriad of construction projects.

Water Table Tolerance:  Screw piles can be effectively utilised in locations with elevated water tables, a challenge that often plagues conventional foundation methods. In such conditions, screw piers provide a steadfast source of stability and reliability.

Tree Preservation: Due to the minimal excavation needed, screw piles can be installed without harming tree roots or disturbing the existing landscaping, ensuring the preservation of natural elements and aesthetics.

Contaminated Soil: Screw piles can be employed in locations with soil contamination, as their installation is less intrusive compared to traditional foundations. This minimal disruption to the ground makes them a practical choice in such environmental conditions.

Impact from Rain: In contrast to conventional foundations, screw piles do not result in additional expenses or construction delays during heavy rainfall, as they exhibit a higher resilience to wet conditions.

Core Filling and Galvanised Finish: Screw piers have the flexibility to be filled with concrete and feature a galvanised finish, significantly augmenting their durability and extending their overall design life.

Systemised Design: Screw piers are readily accessible in standardised off-the-shelf designs, providing a convenient solution for residential construction projects.

Higher Capacity: Screw piers can offer significant benefits to larger residential and commercial structures, thanks to the availability of higher-capacity options tailored to meet precise load requirements.

Fixed-Priced Foundations: Screw piers offer the advantage of delivering fixed-price foundation solutions for standard house loads, contributing to more effective budgeting and enhanced cost predictability.

Certified Installation: The services of certified installers streamline the installation process, eliminating the necessity for engineer inspections and thereby saving valuable time and reducing unnecessary hassle.

No Soil Removal: Screw piers do not require soil removal, reducing excavation and disposal costs.

Vibration and Disturbance: The installation process generates minimal vibration and disturbance to adjacent properties, making them suitable for densely populated areas.

Rapid Installation: Screw piers can be installed quickly, often with a lead time of 5-7 days, which can help speed up construction schedules.

Rotabond The Smart Choice For Screw Piling Projects

Screw piers have become a popular choice in the construction industry due to these advantages and their adaptability to various soil and site conditions makes them a valuable foundation solution for many different projects.

What distinguishes Rotabond is our unwavering commitment to product excellence. We take pride in the fact that our screw piles at Rotabond Screw Piles Melbourne are meticulously designed, manufactured and engineered by our in-house team of qualified engineers. Subsequently, these screw piles undergo rigorous testing and certification by an external body to verify their strength and quality. This rigorous process guarantees that our products are not only certified but also consistently of the highest quality, making them an ideal choice for all construction projects.

Are you still looking for more information or an installer for your screw pile-dependent project? 

Rotabond is just a phone call away or get in touch with us using our contact form to help streamline the process and get your project on its way.

Why Choose Screw Piles and What Are Their Benefits?

Why Choose Screw Piles and What Are Their Benefits?